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Half My Life

2016-04-08 10:29:43 by AtomicAgeVampire138

Now that I'm 30 years old, I have spent over half my life on Newgrounds.

Refer to my account when I was 14 years old:


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2016-04-08 11:10:35

You must have a lot memories about this place,huh?

AtomicAgeVampire138 responds:

Yeah, I started going to Newgrounds way, waaay back when Assassin (games where you killed celebrities) was it's own distinct website and the Portal didn't exist. I mostly learned about it through word of mouth probably in '98 or '99 in middle school when I heard you could kill Teletubbies.

It was great.


2016-04-08 11:21:44

Besides killing Teletubbies(haha),what else did you miss?

(Updated ) AtomicAgeVampire138 responds:

Haha, I definitely don't miss those games - honestly, the site has gotten way better and more user friendly as it's developed, so it's hard to miss the clunkier old days. It would be pretty surprising some days to get home from school and see the entire website layout changed drastically, but almost always for the better. I was never a big forum poster or reviewer myself - I think the last time was last decade?

I guess I miss the store, which I would occasionally pick up a print another user created was great.

Otherwise, I'm pretty pumped for NG; hell, it's gotten me more music work than SoundCloud has in all honesty.


2016-04-08 11:37:21

Wow,sounds like it really changed your life!I've heard some users complain about the good old days and I think you're the first one with a different opinion.

AtomicAgeVampire138 responds:

It was definitely more intimate back then, with a lot of the users that would become legit game designers (I remember when Edmund McMillen was known as just the guy who made dead baby games and when Alien Hominid was first posted) were more active on the site; unfortunately, I was too meek to post in forums and too poor/too risk-averse to ask for Flash to learn how to animate, so that's probably why I'm not as nostalgic, since I wasn't really a part of the community, but a passive spectator.


2016-04-08 11:48:38

Still,you were THERE and for that,I salute you!It takes a lot of dedication to stay in one place with all its changes.


2016-04-08 11:56:55

Thanks for following,sir!I don't really deserve it but it means a lot!

AtomicAgeVampire138 responds:

NP, thanks for the nostalgia.


2016-04-08 13:01:33

It's nothing really,we are one community!